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2023 I Stand For Love Calendar MULTI-PACKS (20th Anniversary Edition)

2023 I Stand For Love Calendar MULTI-PACKS (20th Anniversary Edition)

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NOW 30% OFF!! 

Spread the love in your community and change the world one day at a time! Your friends, family and clients will think of you everyday with a grateful heart! What could be better than that?

Regularly $13.95, with these bulk discounts, the more you buy the more you save:

  • 10 pack = originally $113, now 30% off = $79

  • 15 pack = originally $165, now 30% off = $115

  • 25 pack = originally $250, now 30% off = $175

  • 50 pack = originally $450, now 30% off = $315

ENVELOPE NOTE: In an effort to prevent paper waste, multipacks no longer come with free envelopes. If you need envelopes for gifting, please order them here.

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When we practice Love everyday, we thrive.

It’s so important we have repetition. Daily routines. Habits. This is how we learn to be. We can undo unhealthy mindsets and rewire ourselves for love, happiness, peace, and joy. Building a new muscle over time. Slowly changing. Gradually transforming ourselves.

  • Makes a wonderful gift!

    "I bought a bunch of calendars to use as my holiday card this year and every. single. person. has contacted me to say how the mantra for the day has been improving their life. And me too!" – Rachel S.

  • Absolutely love it.

    "I absolutely love this calendar you have created!I find myself looking forward to seeing it several times a day!" – MD Ray

  • A profound effect on my days...

    "It's as if your calendar knows when I'm struggling, and it delivers the perfectly appropriate morsel of inspiration to lift me up or guide me through those trying days. Thank you, Sarah Love." – Tobin P.

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