The calendar that's always giving 🤗

Gift a daily dose of inner kindness — to yourself, your neighbor, your favorite 10-year-old...

This small but mighty calendar is designed to uplift and inspire every day!

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An extra treat for Calendar Lovers 🍭 🎨 🌈

Have you ever wanted to know the mystic and colorful story about how the calendar comes into existence? I made you the first ever I Stand For Love Calendar Handbook to let you in on the magic!

I want in!
  • Makes a wonderful gift!

    "I bought a bunch of calendars to use as my holiday card this year and every. single. person. has contacted me to say how the mantra for the day has been improving their life. And me too!"
    – Rachel S.

  • Absolutely love it.

    "I absolutely love this calendar you have created!I find myself looking forward to seeing it several times a day!" – MD Ray

  • A profound effect on my days...

    "It's as if your calendar knows when I'm struggling, and it delivers the perfectly appropriate morsel of inspiration to lift me up or guide me through those trying days. Thank you, Sarah Love." – Tobin P.

🤫 This book is our best kept secret...

"Every.Day.Love is pure magic. Each day has brought inspiration, reflection, and joy. I highly recommend this book."

– Melodie J.


Original Art to Uplift and Inspire YOU!

From the canvas to the calendar... I use my original artwork as the foundation for the affirmation that goes with each month of the calendar!

Hi, I'm Sarah Love!

“Love” is what my friends started calling me a few decades ago. And it’s who I strive to be with my work.

More About Sarah →

Why Stand For Love?

Imagine a world where Love was leading the way…
That’s the world I’d like to see, too.

At I Stand For Love, I make art that celebrates the power of loving action — for ourselves, the earth, and each other.

With reminders of our innate beauty, our creative power, and our unique wisdom, we gather truth of our loveability and worthiness every single day.

  • Uplifting Community

    We partner with amazing organizations like Immigrant, Refugee Community of Portland (IRCO) and donate 1000s of I Stand For Love calendars each year. They share the love with the people they serve. 

  • Commitment to the Environment

    We have a zero plastics policy (meaning we produce zero products made of plastic), and only use the most eco-friendly options when creating and printing our love-filled goods. 

  • Youth Outreach

    One of our biggest motivators is to inspire and uplift the young ones. We do this by donating I Stand For Love calendars to classrooms worldwide. If you are a teacher or would love to sponsor a classroom contact us here

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