Hey there!

I'm Sarah Love. I got the name “Love” when my friends started calling me that a few decades ago. And it’s who I strive to be with my work.

I am...

A daily love practitioner, energy painter, reluctant writer, tender-hearted mystic, live music enthusiast, college dropout, dog/cat mom, auntie, wife (to The Real McCoy), flower talker, green tea devotee, activist, day dreamer, cloud gazer, and continual work in progress.

Why I Stand for Love?

When I started intentionally focusing on my Love, it was like discovering I had a new power, and this was magical and exciting.

When you see yourself with Love — getting to know that beautiful, complex being that you are — what becomes possible?

Love, for me, means to really feel it all. To be alive in this world, to walk around with a partially broken heart every day and truly desire to love more, giving and receiving, inside and out. To hold it all, while letting it all go. To uproot all the self-loathing that’s been placed in my cells and the folds of my brain, while keeping my eyes on the horizon—actively envisioning a more loving world for all generations to come. They’re going to need it.

Love also means lightening the collective load, just a little, so that more bright, shining, deep, powerful, creative, tiny, BIG Love can come forward. To buoy and be buoyed as we dismantle, recycle, recreate, and heal from thousands of years of oppression. To inspire new ways of looking at old problems and see how a loving world is possible because we are the ones who can generate this untapped resource.

It all started with an idea for a holiday gift...

In 2003, I made my very first daily affirmation calendar to gift to my nearest and dearest. I actually thought I was making a book of poetry, but I soon discovered that something else was taking shape.

I printed 50 black and white copies of this quirky little calendar. (I couldn't afford color print!)

The response from family and friends was so supportive that the next year I did it again, then again, and again. The name changed along the way, but the intention remained: to simply spread Love and encouragement one day at a time.

  • Commitment to the Environment

    We have a zero plastics policy (meaning we produce zero products made of plastic), and only use the most eco-friendly options when creating and printing our love-filled goods. 

  • Youth Outreach

    One of our biggest motivators is to inspire and uplift the young ones. We do this by donating I Stand For Love calendars to classrooms worldwide. If you are a teacher or would love to sponsor a classroom contact us here.

  • Uplifting Community

    We partner with amazing organizations like Immigrant, Refugee Community of Portland (IRCO) and donate 1000s of I Stand For Love calendars each year. They share the love with the people they serve. 

Mira (she/her) – Business Admin Magic

Mira is a creative, book-loving, sparkle-wearing efficiency enthusiast. From her work in a wide variety of nonprofits, she realized her talent and passion for using systems and technology to help make awesome businesses even better.

Nikki (she/they) – Web + Print Design

Nikki has been part of Team Love for almost 10 years! When she's not helping layout the calendar or sprucing up the website, she's writing and recording music under the artist name "Nikbo."

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