Calendars for Classrooms Donation Drive

Teachers and students of all ages could use more support and encouragement.

The I Stand For Love calendar is created to uplift and inspire hearts and minds every day.

"Thank you so much for your generous donation of calendars. [For] students who struggle with learning and many other hurdles in life, the daily inspirationalĀ messages can make a HUGE difference. I know I look forward to them every day!"
ā€“ Kim F, Teacher

For years, the I Stand For Love community (that's you!) has helped gift 1000s of calendars to non-profits and classroomsĀ all over the United States.

This year, our aim is to giftĀ 10,000 students with a free calendar ā€” a daily reminder for self-love, self-trust, and more kindness. And we're rallying the whole crew to help us reach that goal!
How it works:
  1. Make a general contributionĀ to the calendar drive (scroll down).
  2. Make a contributionĀ and nominate a teacher to receive calendars by filling out this form.
  3. If you are a teacher, simply request free calendars for your school and skip the contribution. Here's that form.


Scroll down or click HEREĀ to make your contribution.

  • "Thank you for the inspirational and colorful calendar! They are beautiful, all my family loves them! My favorite little note is 'freedom is love.'"

    ā€“ Olivia, Grade 4

  • "This was such a wonderful surprise for Ms. Alissa. She was thrilled and felt the love. I hope to order more for their classrooms next year."

    ā€“ Jen F, Donor

  • "The daily notes are an inspiration around school.Ā They are excellent 'pick me ups' and reminders to guide us along our days with positive intentions.Ā  The students and teachers alike love the colorful, whimsical artwork and messages of love!"

    ā€“ Maren K, Teacher


What age group is the calendar appropriate for?
The calendar is very versatile this way. I think it's appropriateĀ for kindergarteners and high school students alike.

Do I have to contribute to nominate a teacher?
Nope. We will do our best to fulfill every request regardless of monetaryĀ contribution.

Approximately how much should I donate per student?
It's not really a per student kind of equation. We receiveĀ contributions of all sizes to offset the shipping and printing costs of the calendar. We estimate that a contribution of $100 covers the minimum costs of 30 calendars donated to a classroom.

Can I nominate multiple classrooms/teachers?
Yes! We will do our best to fulfill as many requests as possible.Ā 

What is the maximum number of calendars I can request?
There is no max! We have 10,000 calendars dedicatedĀ to schools and we'd love to spread them around to classrooms all over the country. We will try to fulfill every request that comes in untilĀ we are out of calendars.

If I nominate a teacher, will the calendars get sent to me or to the classroom?
We send the calendars directly to the teacher at school.Ā When you fill out the nomination form, thereā€™s a section for you to enter the mailing address.