What age group is the calendar appropriate for?
The calendar is very versatile this way. I think it's appropriate for kindergarteners and high school students alike.

Do I have to contribute to nominate a teacher?
Nope. We will do our best to fulfill every request regardless of monetary contribution.

Approximately how much should I donate per student?
It's not really a per student kind of equation. We receive contributions of all sizes to offset the shipping and printing costs of the calendar. We estimate that a contribution of $100 covers the minimum costs of 30 calendars donated to a classroom.

Can I nominate multiple classrooms/teachers?
Yes! We will do our best to fulfill as many requests as possible. 

What is the maximum number of calendars I can request?
There is no max! We have 10,000 calendars dedicated to schools and we'd love to spread them around to classrooms all over the country. We will try to fulfill every request that comes in until we are out of calendars.

If I nominate a teacher, will the calendars get sent to me or to the classroom?
We send the calendars directly to the teacher at school. When you fill out the nomination form, there’s a section for you to enter the mailing address.